Workshop on ‘good enough’ practice in computational geography

University of York, Environment Department.

28th November, 2016. 12:30-17:00

Many geographical scientists use software to analyse and visualise their data. Bespoke script written in languages like Python, R or Matlab, are used to load in, process, analyse and visualise data. How do you go about doing this efficiently? How do you ensure that your script is still useful a few years later or usable by your peers or students? What is the best way of storing data that goes with this analysis? What about the manuscript that is produced after you’ve done the hard work?

This workshop will cover a number of tools and techniques from the software engineering community that will make your life easier if you write any code in order to do your science. You will learn how to start making the most of these tools to become more efficient in your research. Rather than ‘best practice’, I’ll cover ‘good enough’ practice (the idea is based on this paper).

Slides for the event are here:

Workshop agenda

12:30 Lunch and refreshments
13:00 Overview
13:15 Revision control
14:00 Data formats
15:00 Writing good code
16:00 Good enough practices managing your data
16:30 Discussion
17:00 Close