My current research is in three major areas. You can find out more on my research lab’s webpage.

Tsunami from submarine slides

I am simulating the initiation, propagation and inundation of tsunamis from submarine slides in the Norwegian-Greenland sea to assess the risk to the UK. This is part of a large project involving NOC, University of Manchester, and other partners.

Environmental impacts of marine energy devices

By 2020 marine energy devices will be in place around the UK coast on an industrial scale. What environmental impacts will occur from developing this energy source? I am involved in a project with Queens University Belfast to develop a framework for assessing the impact of marine energy devices.

Ancient epicontinental seas

Most of the geological record was deposited in epicontinental seas and hence they are a record of evolution, ancient environments and more. However, there are no modern analogues of their oceanographic processes. I use numerical modelling to understand these ancient seas better and hence how sediments are deposited here.